Exposing the Leftists' Hypocrisy and Making Them Live Under Their Own Rules

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May 13, 2021May 13, 2021

NOTE: MUST-WATCH EPISODE! There is a solution! In this exclusive teaching series, Kevin Freeman shares what is really happening to America with its radical Left agenda. Progressives have fixed the game and are in control. We're being led down the path to socialism by our own government that we pay for with our taxes. Also, by the big corporations that we own stock in and support with our spending. We have the votes. We are the owners. We are the taxpayers. We are the customers. And according to the Constitution, we the people are the sovereign. This is our country. And yet a handful of people are threatening to take permanent control and kick the rest of us to the curb. They are blatant hypocrites, and it's time we expose them and use their playbook against them.