Warning: Privatized Communism by Woke Corporations | Guests: Gil Amelio and Rod Martin | Ep 155

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September 13, 2021Sep 13, 2021

Communism and Nazism, once defeated, seem to be making a comeback in America today. In both cases, tyrant dictators believed the good of society in their minds overwhelmed any semblance of individual rights or liberty. The results were ugly, and everybody lost. By contrast, America was built on the notion of individual rights and liberty. The government is not supposed to be boss, but rather we the people are. Liberty and the people win! Unfortunately, our greed and complacency have allowed the weed of collectivism to take root and threaten the very liberties that make us great. Even America’s board rooms are falling for it. Former Apple CEO Gil Amelio and tech entrepreneur Rod Martin join Kevin Freeman to discuss the challenges ahead and Economic War Room solutions that can protect our nation's future.