Economic Battle Plan™ 5.160 - Space: The Existential Threat Democrats in Congress Are Ignoring

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October 15, 2021Oct 15, 2021


Space: The Existential Threat Democrats in Congress Are Ignoring

Recently, multiple democrats in Congress have called for abolishing the Space Force. Some naively believe that space should be a shared global initiative designed only for peace. At the same time, our adversaries are playing a completely different game. 

Whoever controls space will control the planet! Unfortunately, Congress and our own
FAA bureaucracies are preventing the US from taking a leadership role in the evolving space race. 

For your briefing this week, Lt. General Steven Kwast (Ret.) shares how space is essential for our protection, prosperity, and values. 

There is significant potential ahead but also risk if the US Space Force is not serving as the ‘guardians of the galaxy.’

Your Mission: To understand the strategic importance of the US Space Force and to be alert as it relates to new innovations and growth industries from space.

Ep. 5-160 (OSINT) Open-Sourced Intelligence Briefing. This includes quotes and summaries from Kevin Freeman and Lt. General Steven Kwast (Ret). 

General Steven Kwast recently retired, and last served as commander of Air Education and Training Command, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. General Kwast is currently Chief Global Office and President of Genesis Global.

He has a background in astronautical engineering, history, strategy, technology, culture, and economics. He was raised in a remote African tribe and is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in astronautical engineering. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He has extensive experience in recruiting, education, training, and developing the workforce for the US Air Force. He was the University President for the Air Force’s University (Air University) in Montgomery Alabama. He is a combat seasoned fighter pilot with extensive command experience at every level in the US Air Force. He authored the “Fast Space” study that puts forward a plan to develop the economic and national security power of Space for 21st-century challenges.

1. What some Democrats in Congress do not know as they seek to abolish Space Force.

  • It is essential for our protection, prosperity, and values.
  • What these Democrats in Congress are missing, has happened before throughout warfare history with a bias to specific military tactics.
  • It’s been argued before, should we have a navy or standing army? Now it is Space Force.

“It happens at every juncture in history, even the Founding Fathers and in the Federalist Papers, there was an argument whether we should even have a navy or a standing army. 

And so, I have no fear that this effort will fail. But there will always be a component of society that does not understand human nature or history and will want to have no army, no navy, no ability to secure our economy, our government, or our sovereign soil. 

I would suggest to you that many times its lobby groups and people with money who have an agenda that animate these small sectors of Congress to try to kill something that is essential for our prosperity, our protection, and for our values.” –Lt. General Steven Kwast