A Tense Weekend With the Illusion of Control

By Kevin Freeman
July 29, 2011Jul 29, 2011

All eyes are on Washington in the arrogant notion that we alone are masters of our national fate. Clearly, the Greeks have learned better. No matter what level of austerity they undertake or however much external support they receive, the Greeks are captive to external market forces. Many have said that the same will be true for the United States. The major ratings agencies have indicated that even if the Federal debt ceiling is addressed, a downgrade of American debt is still likely.

No one knows who will win the chess match between the Republicans and Democrats wrangling over reducing debt levels and increasing the debt ceiling. One thing is certain. All of this activity exposes our serious vulnerability to financial terrorism and economic warfare. Sadly, our arrogance as a nation has largely precluded us from properly responding to this imminent threat.

Take a look at the news. There are serious discussions about a collapsing dollar, risks of losing the reserve currency status, runaway inflation, the loss of our credit rating, and a powerless Treasury. Then go back and read PHASE THREE as described in the Economic Warfare Report. This is the precise vulnerability we identified. If we were aware two years ago, can you really believe our enemies remain oblivious?

Everything we have covered in this Blog this year along with the contents of the report prepared for the Department of Defense, plus countless hours of briefings to and for the government have demonstrated a clear and present danger to our nation. The current events in Washington merely magnify the nature of the threat for those who have eyes to see.

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