Are China and Russia are preparing for war with the United States?

By Kevin Freeman
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March 20, 2020Mar 20, 2020

Topic: Kevin gives us an update on the state of the economy, the stock market, the Federal Reserve interest rate cut on a Sunday, and where this is headed.

Topic: Why is America going to the extreme measure and expense to protect the lives of Americans from the Coronavirus that could kill a few million and yet our nation is doing virtually nothing to protect the civil infrastructure and power grid from an EMP attack? Congressional studies have revealed that if an EMP attack took down the power grid for a year, 90% of Americans would be dead from diseases, starvation, and social unrest. Dr. Peter Pry has revealed on Brannon's radio show that America could protect our power-grid for an estimated $2 billion dollars or 20 cents per American utility bill annually. Yet, America's grid is completely vulnerable while Russia and North Korea have reportedly obtained a super-EMP weapon that could be launched from a cargo container or fishing vessel off the U.S. coast.

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