Book Review from Tactics and Preparedness (June 2014 Issue)

By Kevin Freeman
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June 27, 2014Jun 27, 2014

Kevin Freeman is ringing the warning bell that we are in an economic war and that a financial collapse could be coming.

Reviewed by John Stevenson

In his newest book, Game Plan How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack, Mr. Freeman lays out the case that the United States is vulnerable to economic attacks as never before. Our position relevant to these vulnerabilities has not improved since the last crash in 2008. To the contrary, policies of printing and borrowing money to support our government's ever accelerating deficit spending have put our nation at greater risk. We face the same challenges regarding the debt vulnerability, just from a more disadvantaged position. We could see the dollar unseated as the world reserve currency and face possibly catastrophic inflationary issues. Whether it comes from a "cyber 9/11" market manipulation or an unconventional attack like an electro-magnetic pulse, these problems taken together have the ability to overwhelm the government's efforts to stave off the consequences of collapse.

"Collapse" could come from numerous sources, but they all end in social, political and financial chaos. Being prepared is the key to either averting or making it through the crisis. The author states, "Each form of attack will have unique consequences and we need to be flexible enough to respond appropriately."

Mr. Freeman walks the reader through a series of possible troubles and their causes and effects. After looking at all of the scenarios he provides a look at the options for individuals who want to be prepared to weather the coming storms.

Mr. Freeman devotes chapters to the subjects of gold, stocks, bonds, cash savings, guaranteed investments, hedge funds and other investments. He includes some background on all of the different investment types and a list of pros and cons for each. He provides useful tips for each asset class that is covered. There is no shortage of practical information that will help the reader determine which courses of action for investment strategy would be best for him or her. He covers a broad range of potential places to invest which allows for maximum diversification. Mr. Freeman explains in detail and simplifies many of the financial terms that are commonly used and commonly misunderstood. His insight and knowledge of the financial world as well as the world of economic warfare make this book invaluable to anyone who wants to protect their assets.

After introduction to different investment classes, the author moves on to developing a personalized strategy. Freeman states, "The key is to apply time-tested disciplines with situational awareness to protect and grow wealth." He lays out a blueprint for investment that makes it possible to not only survive, but prosper in the tumultuous times to come. Freeman states, "Once you have determined your needs, goals, beneficiaries, and parameters, then it is time to determine how you can set up portfolios to meet those needs."

The final chapter of the book focuses on steps government officials can do to win the global economic war that we face, possibly avert a dollar collapse and even "usher in a period of global peace and prosperity." That list includes:

1. Recognize the global war underway

2. Take reasonable precautions

3. Get money moving without money printing

4. Achieve energy independence

5. Reduce regulation

6. [Transition to] A workable tax code

7. Teach what America is all about

8. Return to our spiritual roots

It remains to be seen if they will heed this advice. Mr. Freeman's book, Game Plan is an essential read for anyone who wants to be prepared financially, physically and spiritually for what may be coming.