Book Review – (Feb. 3, 2012)

By Kevin Freeman
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February 03, 2012Feb 03, 2012

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Secret Weapon by Kevin D. Freeman

Kevin Freeman a financial industry insider as a researcher and analyst for Templeton Fund paints a terrifying picture of how the 2008 financial crisis was likely sparked by a financial terrorist attack. He explains how the common theories of how our government pushed banks to make mortgage loans to people that couldn't pay for them and then the banks creating mortgage derivatives (mortgage junk bonds) to try and make money are indeed true.  Also that our government's run away debt and printing money are endangering the U.S. dollar and our economic future. He makes the case all of these are true and vulnerabilities that we brought upon our self. He also presents strong evidence that large players, most likely other countries, used financial terrorism to spark the 2008 crash. He and other industry people had noticed some unusual large trades that could not have been coincidental just preceding the collapse of the market in 2008. They were coordinated and done to cause the crash. Most likely these players were…