Cherokee Tribune (Mar. 22, 2012)

By Kevin Freeman
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March 22, 2012Mar 22, 2012

Ever hear of ‘financial terrorism' or ‘economic warfare'? – by Donald Conkey

Anyone with investments in the stock market, especially in banks, likely noted the Associated Press article in the Tribune last Wednesday with its headline "Citibank, 3 others fail bank stress test." The article reported that not only had Citibank failed the test but so did SunTrust, Ally Financial, and MetLife.

The test, conducted by the Fed, was to determine if the banks "could withstand a crisis that sends unemployment to 13 percent, causes stock prices to be cut in half and lowers home prices 21 percent from today's levels."

The good news was given in another AP article, also on page 4B, headlined "Stocks post largest gain of year."

This last article should have had me cheering because I am now recovering some of my losses from the 2008 market crash. But they didn't; they caused me to be more concerned because I had just read a book titled "Secret Weapon" by Kevin Freeman, published last January by Regnery Publishing Inc.

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