Chinese Comments Echo Our Concerns

By Kevin Freeman
July 11, 2011Jul 11, 2011

In our immediately preceding post, we referenced how Italy was in the crosshairs and how the United States would follow. Seems as if the Chinese are on the same page. As our largest creditor nation, that's a problem. This is from a July 1st post on Foreign Affairs:

"A day after the Greek parliament passed another round of austerity cuts to stave off the country's financial ruin, the third quarter economic outlook report released yesterday by the Bank of China is more worried about the 
situation in the U.S.:

The U.S. sovereign debt problem is more hazardous than the European debt crisis, economists from Bank of China Ltd. said Thursday in the bank's third quarter economic outlook, predicting that the U.S. sovereign debt risk will continue to intensify in the next few years.

U.S. public debt stood at around 65% of the country's nominal gross domestic product in the first quarter, exceeding the "safety line" of 60%, according to the report by one of China's big four banks. The U.S. still hasn't come up with any effective solutions, and the possibility that it will face a sovereign debt crisis is increasing, it added."

This simply underscores the Phase Three risks we have been describing.

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