Committee on the Present Danger China

By Kevin Freeman
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September 19, 2019Sep 19, 2019

Kevin Freeman CFA, also a CPDC founding member and the host of Blaze TV's "Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman," drew on life-lessons learned while he worked for one of the great investment gurus of all time – Sir John Templeton. Freeman observed in video-taped remarks that "China has learned how to game our addiction to market indeces with plans to capture a lot more American money for their side. We all know we are in an economic war with China.  Why should we fund both sides of it?"  He also asked: "Should we allow a single, influencible entity such as MSCI to determine where the money of patriotic Americans goes, including service members, government employees and former employees?" Mr. Freeman concluded, "It makes no sense from an investment perspective and it's truly criminal from a national security perspective."

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