COWARDS: What Politicians, Radicals and the Media Refuse to Say

By Kevin Freeman
June 11, 2012Jun 11, 2012

Glenn Beck's latest book is released tomorrow and it may be his best. Well, we may be biased because it features a chapter on Economic Terrorism that not only references but also endorses our work. Glenn really "gets it" and that is obvious in COWARDS. The book covers significant topics such as The Progressive Shell Game, The Libertarian Option, George Soros, The American Dream, The Border Problem, The Emerging Police State, the Hijacking of Religion, the Media, The Islamist Agenda, the Takeover of Education, Why Our Kids are Brainwashed to Hate Capitalism, and the Coming Intelligence Explosion.

Not only is the book well written, it's also entertaining despite the grimness of the subject matter. And, it makes things easy to read and understand. It's a great gift for Father's Day.

I highly recommend that you look at the Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter. In fact, the Sample given now for a "test drive" is Chapter 4:  Economic Terrorism. This site has links to download the Intro, Contents, and Chapter 4:

You can order the book directly from Amazon using this link:

Amazon:  Glenn Beck's Cowards 

Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter 4:  Economic Terrorism; Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction