Covid 19 Is Causing Major US Food Supply Disruption. Is a Food Crisis Next?

ALERT: America’s food supply and our Farmers are under threat! The domestic and global implications are concerning if we do not open the economy now.

There is global food insecurity, and it could hit America next. Globally, locusts, drought, and plagues are all creating a crisis. It looks almost biblical in the scale and potential impact. While we take for granted the food we have in America, each additional day of the shutdown is leading to additional severe and irreversible consequences. Distribution and market breakdowns are causing farmers to make critical decisions on the types of crops they grow or whether they need to thin their herds. This can all translate to less food and, in a worst-case scenario, food riots and civil unrest. Mitzi Perdue joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War to discuss the crisis farmers are facing and what that means to you. Food is an economic and national security issue we must pay attention to now! Learn how you can help America’s agriculture industry and what it really means to be an American farmer.

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