Do you trust Federal bureaucrats with the integrity of our voting process?


The House already appears to have the votes to pass HR-1, It is critical our Senate does its job and stops HR-1 from becoming law.

Since 2018 Nancy Pelosi has been pushing to water down voting rules. Now in a bill that is quickly being pushed through congress, she is trying to ensure a permanent and complete Democrat Party take over of government.  The goal is to impose California election rules nationwide.  Forget ballot integrity, she wants to automatically enroll more Democrat voters and use federal law to maximize Democrat turnout.

We need to let the Senate know we are on to what is happening and demand this bill be stopped now.  HR-1 includes:

  • More Subsidized Political Campaigns with Your Tax Money - HR-1 also includes a 600 percent government match for political donations and authorizes even more public dollars to campaigns.
  • Government Workers Get Voting Day off - It makes Election Day a new paid holiday for government workers, with additional paid vacation given to bureaucrats to oversee the polls.
  • Non-Citizen Voting and Easy Auto-Enroll of Democrat Voters - The bill requires every state to register voters based on names in state and federal databases—such as anyone receiving food stamps or who interacts with a state DMV.
  • Voter Fraud Made Easy - It mandates same-day and online voter registration, expands mail and early voting, and limits states’ ability to remove voters from rolls or even verify citizenship.
  • Forget the States, Federal Election Commission (Bureaucrats) Will Call the Shots - It takes power away from the state legislature in drawing congressional districts as well as the ability for states to keep elections, local, transparent and fair.

In addition, inside this Bill is a “grab bag” of new laws, regulations, and changes that include adding new states, stacking the deck with 4 new Democrat Representatives and non-citizen voting rights.

We made it easy to take action now. In less than 60 seconds you can reach out to the key U.S. Democrat and Republican Senators that can make the difference in stopping this bill.  Demand they stand strong and defeat bill HR-1!  Our message is focused on two key points. Giving themselves a second salary of up to $600K and the elimination of voter IDs as our border is opened is just wrong. 

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