Kevin Freeman on The Daily Caller (Mar. 16, 2014)

By Kevin Freeman
March 16, 2014Mar 16, 2014

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Kevin Freeman, author of the book "Game Plan," gives insight into the covert financial war being fought against the United States and the U.S. dollar by its enemies across the globe.

"We are actually at war with the traditional enemies that you would identify. North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia [and] China," Freeman said. "These are the competitors to the United States."

Freeman explains that America's competitors have devoted themselves to combating America in every way that they can. In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Dow Jones mid-week loss of more than 200 points in a day because of it and the withdrawing of over $100 billion in foreign-owned U.S. dollar reserves, it would appear that Freeman's hypothesis is correct. He adamantly points out that these are not random events, but calculated actions.

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