Life Imitates Art, Which Imitates Life?

By Kevin Freeman
May 21, 2011May 21, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a new novelist who also is a successful investment banker. This novelist, HT Narea, shared that his publisher had forwarded him a copy of the Pentagon report, Economic Warfare; Risks and Responses. The amazing thing, he said, were all the parallels with his soon-to-be released novel, The Fund. He then invited me to join him on a panel at Georgetown University to discuss economic warfare and financial terrorism and how the novel paralleled our work.

Rather than spoiling the plot, I'll just share a few thoughts and a link to an article written about it. For example, the key weapons identified in our research were the weapons used in the well-researched novel. There is a Sharia Compliant Fund that attacks American financial institutions loaded with derivatives. The terrorists are all highly-educated and their goal is total U.S. financial collapse. The key protagonist is from the Defense Intelligence Agency. There is a tie-in to Hugo Chavez. All of these are elements also covered in the Pentagon report.

One very important point is that even though all of this sometimes seems more like a work of fiction than reality, the threat is very real.

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