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Our Elections Can be Hacked – Action Steps You Should Do Now!

  1. Contact your representatives and send this battle plan to them to ensure there is true integrity in our election system.
  2. A vigorous investigation, exposure and correction would be a monumental republic-restoring process. AG William Barr needs to get on this!
  3. The only solution in time for 2020 may be by paper ballot, counted manually in all 50 states. Party affiliation should not matter, all of America should join in this demand.
  4. We need an American grassroots effort on a scale never before seen to demand the 2020 election be by paper ballot and counted manually in all 50 states.†Note: Paper ballots need to read by voter marks only, not a barcode print out as there is no way to tell if the barcode reader (which can be hacked) is saying the same thing that voters ticked on the ballot.
  5. Understand the real risks of election fraud and election integrity. Get up to speed with our previous episodes and battle plans on this topic. Review Economic War Room’s Episode 20 (Battle Plan 20) on “Election Integrity”, and Episode 21 on “Election Fraud” (Battle Plan 21).
  6. Send this battle plan to friends and ask them to sign up for our weekly battle plan updates.
  7. Be sure to catch the data and footnotes by clicking here for more documentation. We want you to have access to key information to make intelligent decisions.


Elections Can Be Hacked and Here's Proof

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