The Miracle of Dunkirk

By Kevin Freeman
video blog
November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

Does history repeat itself? Whether we realize it or not; America faces conflict and threats similar to England  in WW II.  Britain's status as a superpower was unquestionable. They owned the reserve currency status and large debts. The royal military force was superior, yet they were not prepared for new forms of warfare. British politicians saw Germany as a good trading partner and not a threat to their way of life. Sound familiar? We don't realize that we could be approaching a "darkest hour" of our own.  There is still time. However, it will require the support and prayer of the common citizen's to rescue America. This episode provides the powerful lesson from Dunkirk, and introduces key threats America is facing today.  Join us as we walk through your Economic War Room and discover how you can help make a difference.


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