Progress in Four Areas and Challenge in Two Others

By Kevin Freeman
May 05, 2020May 05, 2020

The Global Economic War has significantly escalated with COVID-19. There is some good news as policymakers are finally beginning to see that an economic war is underway. Nothing like a pandemic to wake people up.

First, we even have some of the intelligence community coming to grips with at least part of the Chinese threat. Our own Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, made headlines with his assertion, based on the assessment of our intelligence community, that COVID-19 may have indeed emerged from a Wuhan lab:

Mike Pompeo: ‘Enormous evidence' Covid-19 came from Wuhan lab – video

That is startling given all the propaganda we've been fed by the Chinese Communists.

Next, we may be rooting out some of the political corruption of the various intelligence agencies. This from the Washington Examiner, written by James A. Gagliano (from his bio) who worked in the FBI for 25 years. He is a law enforcement analyst for CNN and an adjunct assistant professor in homeland security and criminal justice at St. John's University. Gagliano is a member of the board of directors of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

Michael Flynn was railroaded by Comey's FBI

by James A. Gagliano | May 04, 2020 12:45 PM

The time has come to cease affording the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane team generous benefit of the doubt. A steady stream of unflattering revelations, beginning with a report by the Justice Department's inspector general into egregious FISA abuses last December, has relentlessly pounded the reputation of my former agency. Now, further irrefutable proof emerges that a small cabal of FBI headquarters decision-makers was hellbent on undoing a presidency.

I know it sounds strange to hear me make such an accusation. I'm the guy who long attempted to thread the needle, accounting for honest human frailties, trusting that mistakes should not always be chalked up to malice or sinister intent. Cautious skepticism was a default mindset that served me well across a quarter century as an FBI investigator. That condition failed me here because one thing is clear.

Michael Flynn got railroaded.

Careful examination of fresh facts related to Flynn pleading guilty to Title 18 U.S. Code § 1001(essentially, lying to a federal agent) provides an eye-popping and clear-cut case of investigative inconsistencies and partisan political bias. At the request of defense attorney Sidney Powell, who is seeking to have the retired lieutenant general's plea withdrawn, additional evidence related to the Flynn case has recently been released by the prosecution. According to Flynn's defense team, some uncovered FBI notes illustrate a concerted effort by former FBI Director James Comey's team to set Flynn up. [To CONTINUE READING at Washington Examiner…]

What's so significant about this is that it documents without question the Deep State at work in the intelligence community. We warned about this repeatedly in the past. Here are three examples:

Hacking Intelligence: Has the IC Been Politicized?


Post Inauguration Analysis Part Three: The Deep State War on Trump


Classic Distraction (from a Corrupt Media and Compromised Intelligence Community)

by KEVIN D. FREEMAN on APRIL 20, 2019

It's VERY GOOD to see General Flynn finally being exonerated! He is a patriot who was a reader of this Blog (in fact, that's how I first met him). Those who unlawfully persecuted him while abusing their authority are deserving of the full recourse of the law.

Third, we have the President now aware of what the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) was planning to do. We have covered the threat quite a bit in Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman. In fact, here is the full episode that is well worth watching:

This episode features Lt. Colonel Allen West, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, economic warfare expert Roger Robinson, and a group of patriotic veterans. The big question is Why would our national Thrift Savings Plan take money from veterans, government employees, retirees, and active-duty servicemen and women and invest it purposely in China? [Download the FREE Economic Battle Plan for Episode #65 by registering HERE.]

The progress? It has come to President Trump's attention and he is not happy about it!

This from James Rosen:

EXCLUSIVE: White House to block federal pension fund from expanding China investments

by JAMES ROSEN, Sinclair Investigative Reporter, Thursday, April 30, 2020

WASHINGTON (SBG) – President Trump has instructed top aides to move quickly to rein in a federal pension fund before it expands its investment portfolio, later this year, to include Chinese-held entities that U.S. officials believe to be tied directly to the Chinese military and to the country's global intelligence apparatus, sources said.

EXCLUSIVE: White House to block federal pension fund from expanding China investments

A source who discussed the matter directly with President Trump described him as incredulous over the looming prospect of U.S. service members seeing their paychecks deducted for the purpose of funding the Chinese military. "We can't allow this to move forward," the source quoted Mr. Trump as saying. "This needs to stop." [To CONTINUE READING…]

While there will likely be a major battle to get the proper outcome, there is clear progress!

The fourth example of progress is on securing the Electric Grid. As with the TSP, there is still plenty of work to be done. But at least protecting the grid is finally an acceptable topic of conversation in Washington!

From Reuters:

Trump signs order to protect the U.S. electricity system: Energy Department

May 1, 2020, Reuters, Timothy Gardner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that seeks to protect the U.S. electricity system from cyber and other attacks in a move that could eventually put barriers on some imports from China and Russia.

Trump declared in the order that the threat to the U.S. power system represents a national emergency, which allows the government to put in place measures such as the creation of a task force on procurement policies for energy infrastructure.

A senior Energy Department official said that the order was not directed at any new threat, but the result of a process to bolster the power system.

The order allows the energy secretary, in consultation with other officials, to prohibit acquisition, importation, transfer or installation of power equipment from an adversary that they determine poses a risk of sabotage to the U.S. power system.

"It is imperative the bulk-power system be secured against exploitation and attacks by foreign threats," Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said in a news release. The order will "greatly diminish the ability of foreign adversaries to target our critical electric infrastructure," he said.

The order defines bulk power equipment as items used in substations, control rooms, or power plants, including nuclear reactors, capacitors, transformers, large generators and backup generators and other equipment…. [to CONTINUE READING…]

Here too, we will need some additional work according to our friend Ambassador Hank Cooper. But it is progress!

Unfortunately, on the new challenge side, there are two significant threats that have emerged with COVID-19. The first is in regard to our nation's food supply. Farmers are being squeezed by the economic shutdown and this threatens global food supplies. Rather than go into all the detail, let me suggest you watch the SPECIAL EPISODE of Economic War Room that explains it all.



What can we do about this? Again, we have a full Economic Battle Plan with Action Steps we should take now. You can find that at

The second new threat is the havoc in our oil production brought about by the demand destruction of COVID-19 and the supply attack by Russia and Saudi Arabia. We also covered this in the Economic War Room (Episode 85] and produced an Economic Battle Plan. You can watch the show now on BlazeTV.

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Overall, we are making some progress but must remain vigilant. Remember the ancient Chinese Curse? For sure, we live in interesting times!