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Get your signed copy of Secret Weapon, a digital download of the research report Kevin Freeman presented to the Pentagon, and a video link to the For the Record documentary, all for your $25 minimum donation.

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Exclusive Economic War Room Patriot offer! Get the link to the official report Kevin Freeman presented to the Pentagon as it relates to risks in our financial system. See what really happened in the financial market crash of 2008, and why it was covered up. Understand the chain of events that nearly brought the world’s financial system to a halt! A special offer from Economic War Room to ensure Economic Patriots like yourself can be better prepared for the future.  Receive a signed copy of Kevin Freeman’s New York Times Bestseller: Secret Weapon, How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the US Stock Market and Why it Can Happen Again. Plus You will receive link access to copy of Kevin Freeman’s official research report he presented to the Pentagon. Receive a video link to the For the Record documentary (Produced by the Blaze) This is a must see documentary on the 2008 financial crisis and the events that took place behind the political and media narratives.    All the above are available for a minimum donation of $25. Your support helps us continue the research we are doing to protect America’s National Security and Economic Infrastructure.  Western civilization is under attack! It impacts your money, your livelihood, and your way of life.  

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