Palm Sunday Was a Turning Point–What Comes After the Tunnel?

April 06, 2020Apr 06, 2020

It was getting dire last week. There were predictions of a new global depression. After all, the global economy was shuttered with the exception of parts...

The Impact a Biological Weapon Could Have on the US Economy

Kevin Freeman discusses the impact a biological weapon could have on the US economy and looks at the utility of a potential biological weapon in the...

The Historic Coronavirus Stimulus and The Unintended Second Order Effects

china congress coronavirus covid-19 newsroom
March 29, 2020Mar 29, 2020

The Historic Coronavirus Stimulus: The Unintended Second Order Effects. We are joined by Kevin Freeman (Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism Expert, Author). Topics discussed include: Headline...

The Potential Effects of the Stimulus Package

newsroom china coronavirus congress
March 28, 2020Mar 28, 2020

Kevin Freeman discusses the long-term economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic and advantages of the American dollar versus Chinese currency. Kevin and Frank Gaffney also talk...

Economic ramifications of the shut-down and the further ripple effects

china coronavirus covid-19 investing newsroom
March 27, 2020Mar 27, 2020

Sam Sorbo talks with Kevin Freeman about the economic ramifications of the shut-down and the further ripple effects. What is meant by the seen and the...

Why is the Virus Smiling?

March 26, 2020Mar 26, 2020

China Daily is an official English-language newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Last week, the daily cartoon showed a coronavirus...

The US economy is coping with the COVID-19 outbreak

china coronavirus covid-19 investing newsroom
March 23, 2020Mar 23, 2020

Financial markets always move in anticipation of what is going to happen and they always overshoot to the downside and the upside. What we are in...

Are China and Russia are preparing for war with the United States?

china coronavirus covid-19 emp newsroom
March 20, 2020Mar 20, 2020

Topic: Kevin gives us an update on the state of the economy, the stock market, the Federal Reserve interest rate cut on a Sunday, and where...

Is the Coronavirus Affecting the Economy?

newsroom china economy coronavirus
March 10, 2020Mar 10, 2020

Economist Kevin Freeman discusses how Coronavirus is affecting the economy and oil production could hurt America with American Family Radio Host, Sandy Rios.

Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus

newsroom china coronavirus covid-19
March 09, 2020Mar 09, 2020

Economic impacts of the coronavirus and potential problems of socialism in the United States.