Is China Economy Slowing by Kevin Freeman (Dec 21, 2018)

December 22, 2018Dec 22, 2018

Kevin Freeman examines if the Chinese economy is slowing. He also discusses the implication of the recent U.S. and Canadian travel warnings for China.

Is the trade war over with China, or will things heat up again? by Kevin Freeman (Dec 5, 2018)

newsroom china trump trade xi
December 05, 2018Dec 05, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses Beijing's declared economic war against the US and if the Trump-Xi meeting successful.

Putin's energy strategy and it means for the US energy sector – Kevin Freeman (Nov. 27, 2018)

newsroom russia china energy immigration
November 27, 2018Nov 27, 2018

Kevin freeman discusses Putin's strategy in the natural gas markets and the new pipeline between Russia and China. Kevin also talks about how the Central American...

Sign Up for Slavery? Benefits Included?

November 27, 2018Nov 27, 2018 I had the honor of interviewing Lt. Colonel Allen West for the inaugural episode of Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman (learn more at We...

A Special Thanksgiving Message: America's Dunkirk Moment

November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

  It seems as if people are finally recognizing the growing problems encircling us. Externally, we have China hacking everything in sight, massive IP theft, Russia...

America's Dunkirk moment and what can be done to save our nation – By Kevin Freeman (Nov. 21, 2018)

newsroom china venezuela dunkirk
November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses the profound miracle of Dunkirk in WWII and how America is facing her own Dunkirk moment. Kevin also looks at how Americans can...

Implications of US dependencies on Chinese pharmaceuticals by Kevin Freeman (Nov. 10, 2018)

newsroom iran china drugs
November 13, 2018Nov 13, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses if applying more pressure on Iran is the right approach. Kevin also talks about Beijing's digital Belt and Road Initiative. Finally, he examines...

U.S. Dangerously Dependent on China for Our Medicines

November 07, 2018Nov 07, 2018

Millions of Americans are taking generic drugs made in China by Chinese companies and don't know it, and neither do their doctors who prescribe them. The...

This Idea For Trump Would Crush the Muslim Brotherhood's Big Win

video blog
November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

Frank Gaffney: Donald J. Trump should "Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as the terrorist organization that it is," to "punish" the Saudis for Khashoggi's murder without handing the Muslim...

China's unrestricted warfare against the U.S. by Kevin Freeman (Nov 06, 2018)

newsroom china elections unrestricted warfare
November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses the significance of the upcoming election and China's unrestricted warfare against the U.S.