Exposing the Leftists' Hypocrisy and Making Them Live Under Their Own Rules

video blog
May 13, 2021May 13, 2021

NOTE: MUST-WATCH EPISODE! There is a solution! In this exclusive teaching series, Kevin Freeman shares what is really happening to America with its radical Left agenda....

Grow Up, America! We’ve Become a Coddled Generation | Guest: Dr. Everett Piper | Ep 137

video blog
May 06, 2021May 06, 2021

Dr. Everett Piper joins Kevin Freeman to share simple lessons for becoming a thinking, mature citizen. He shares how our enemies are watching America’s new culture...

It’s Time for We the People to Heal America | Guest: Dr. Ben Carson | Ep 136

video blog
April 29, 2021Apr 29, 2021

Dr. Ben Carson joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the importance of faith, liberty, community, and life. These are the principles that...

Why They Are So Desparate and Moving So Quickly

Have you wondered why the push is so great now to remake America in a communist image? The supposedly moderate Biden administration is rushing headlong into...

Liberty University provides an alternative to China’s One Belt, One Road

April 19, 2021Apr 19, 2021

Kevin Freeman talks about Liberty University’s Equity for Africa summit – Providing free-market alternatives to China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. Kevin also talks with Frank...

Will the Biden administration convince the world to enforce a global tax rate?

April 09, 2021Apr 09, 2021

Kevin Freeman tells Frank Gaffney that people don't want "Woke Coke." The implications that if President Biden's infrastructure plan becomes law, the US national debt could...

Why are some corporations trying to guide legislation in Georgia?

April 02, 2021Apr 02, 2021

Kevin Freeman argues that the Chinese recognize America's dependence on rare earth metals and have been engaged in "resource wars" against the US for decades. Kevin...

For the People Act federalizes all of the issues from the 2020 election

newsroom for the people
March 14, 2021Mar 14, 2021

Kevin Freeman argues that the For the People Act federalizes all of the issues from the 2020 election.Freeman: This is the path to a dictatorship –...

At 6% interest, the US will be forced to pay around $1.8 trillion in interest alone on its national debt!

newsroom democrats
February 25, 2021Feb 25, 2021

Kevin Freeman explains that when the US national debt reaches $30 trillion, many countries may begin to rethink whether the US dollar should remain as the...

Who is to blame for Texas's mass blackouts, the Green New Deal or the Electric Companies?

newsroom grid
February 22, 2021Feb 22, 2021

Kevin Freeman gives an update on the situation on the ground in Texas. Kevin also asks who is to blame for Texas's mass blackouts, the Green...