Midterm Elections Will Impact Your Wallet: LEARN HOW AND VOTE!

November 05, 2018Nov 05, 2018

Watch the Video and Download Your FREE Midterm Economic Battle Plan™ (this is a helpful resource with important election information). We hope you enjoy this election update...

'Social Unrest Not Seen in 50 Years' Coming Soon?

video blog
November 02, 2018Nov 02, 2018

With nearly $500 trillion in global debt, can the the U.S. economy survive or will street riots break out? Kevin Freeman discusses the debt crisis with...

Video: U.S. Dangerously Dependent on China for Key Medication

video blog
November 01, 2018Nov 01, 2018

Millions of Americans are taking generic drugs made in China by Chinese companies and don’t know it, and neither do their doctors who prescribe them.

Kevin Freeman talks about the current Stock Market trends with AFR's Sandy Rios (Oct. 23, 2018)

newsroom china trump stock market deregulation
October 30, 2018Oct 30, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses why the markets are nervous and what might be ahead with American Family Radio host, Sandy Rios. https://secretweapon.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/sr_20181024.mp3

Are we headed to a bear market? by Kevin Freeman (Oct. 25, 2018)

newsroom china stock market spy
October 30, 2018Oct 30, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses the state of the U.S. Stock Market and the consequences of the reports of Chinese "spy chips." https://embed.simplecast.com/ff46f20f

The impact of the midterm elections on the markets – Kevin Freeman (Oct 24, 2018)

newsroom stock market election
October 30, 2018Oct 30, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses the impact the midterm elections may have on the markets with American Family Radio, Hosted by Tim Wildmon. https://secretweapon.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/AFR-TI_20181025b.mp3

Warning: $6 Per Gallon Gas on Horizon if Fracking Ends

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October 26, 2018Oct 26, 2018

Discover the many benefits of America's Energy Renaissance! Affordable fuel is just one component. Our ability to maintain the petrodollar is critical. Don't miss out on...

American Frackers Saved U.S. From a Depression

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October 22, 2018Oct 22, 2018

If it weren't for the U.S. Shale Revolution, the price of oil could have easily hit $200 a barrel and possibly sparked a great depression. American...

Allen West: Socialism Not Consistent With the Constitution… or Success!

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October 15, 2018Oct 15, 2018

Get your free personal Economic Battle Plan today! https://www.economicwarroom.com/battleplansIn the premiere episode of Economic War Room, former Congressman Allen West breaks down why socialism is incompatible with the U.S....

"This May Be Worse Than Watergate"

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October 15, 2018Oct 15, 2018

The House IT scandal is being completely ignored by the media. Even worse, it is seemingly being ignored by both Democrats AND Republicans. Frank Gaffney breaks down what...