Trump Achieved 1% Inflation, but Under Biden it Could be 6%

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January 24, 2021Jan 24, 2021

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney talk about how the US is about to go from a deficit of $20 trillion to $30 trillion in the blink...

The Big Lie

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December 23, 2020Dec 23, 2020

Kevin Freeman explains the true magnitude of "the Big lie" and why asks why are voting machines being concealed and major new networks getting threatened with...

Why Do They Refuse to Look at Voting Machine Vulnerabilities?

It is now viewed as "conspiracy theory" to consider whether or not voting machines can be hacked to change an election. This in itself is telling...

Is Our Constitutional Republic at a Tipping Point?

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December 16, 2020Dec 16, 2020

Kevin Freeman talks with Ann Vandersteel about what is doing to provide reliable information and a platform for people to engage with the most important...

Fraud at an Industrial Scale and the KKK Act

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December 09, 2020Dec 09, 2020

Kevin Freeman delves into Economic War Room's Election Fraud Truth Summit and also talks about Col. Phil Waldron's insights into fraud on an "industrial scale". Kevin...

Over 2 Million Actions Taken

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December 02, 2020Dec 02, 2020

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney talk about the impact of and what is being done to expose voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

Election Fraud Exposed

newsroom election fraud
November 20, 2020Nov 20, 2020

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney discuss the growing momentum of and the current developments in the effort to expose election fraud and stop it. and Election 2020

What is going on with the election and why won't the president concede by now? Is this stubborn foolish pride or are there real reasons to...

Massive Election Irregularities Exposed

November 16, 2020Nov 16, 2020

Sandy Rios Interviews Kevin Freeman on and Massive Biden Only Votes. BIG TECH IS CENSORING THIS SITE…PLEASE SHARE. See more of Sandy's great work at...

The Color Revolution

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November 09, 2020Nov 09, 2020

Frank Gaffney and Kevin Freeman talk about the ongoing Color Revolution and to completely change our society into a socialist country. They also talk about the...