Policymakers worry about attacks on America's financial system

December 30, 2011Dec 30, 2011

The Economist has an interesting story in their December 31, 2011 issue titled Financial Terrorism; The War on Terabytes. The article does a good job of...

Connecting the Dots: Food Inflation Causes Riots

December 21, 2011Dec 21, 2011

When we first reported on the Arab Spring, we noted the role that food price inflation played in various uprisings (Lessons From Egypt): For students of...

Proof of Market Manipulation

December 18, 2011Dec 18, 2011

In response to the criticism, we have provided support for the hypothesis from a variety of perspectives. This includes testimony from market participants, data that demonstrates...

Venezuela and Iran, Together Again

December 15, 2011Dec 15, 2011

One  of the points we have made repeatedly is that radical Islamists and Marxists have been working together to undermine America using the Unrestricted Warfare playbook....

Who is Behind the Occupy Movement?

December 07, 2011Dec 07, 2011

The reality is that the domestic Occupy movement is very much like the Arab Spring in several key ways: 1) Both are anti-Capitalist. In the case...

Bowing to Beijing: China's Unrestricted War against US

November 14, 2011Nov 14, 2011

In today's Washington Times there is a book review by Jeffrey Kuhner. It is a scathing attack on current U.S. foreign policy toward China. Regardless of...

The Rise of the Yuan

November 12, 2011Nov 12, 2011

To understand this importance, you have to recall the mainstream view from not long ago. The prevailing thinking was that the Chinese economy was so dependent...

The Europeans Respond

October 22, 2011Oct 22, 2011

We have posted about the attacks on Europe, where they started and what the likely outcome will be. This past week, we saw a couple of...

If you leave your door unlocked……

October 12, 2011Oct 12, 2011

On August 21st, our Post was titled "The Soros Solution." Today, a headline on CNBC.com documented just how right we were. Here are excerpts: Soros: Don't...

The Invisible Gorilla (Part Two)

October 04, 2011Oct 04, 2011

On March 30th of this year, we posted a story titled The Invisible Gorilla. Essentially, this post documented how obvious the intentions of financial terrorism had...