DWD's Reviews – The Best of 2014, Non-Fiction Books Category (Dec. 31, 2014)

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December 31, 2014Dec 31, 2014

DWD's Reviews – THE BEST OF 2014 This is a list of the best of the best of the 72 books and short stories that I...

Book Review from Tactics and Preparedness (June 2014 Issue)

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June 27, 2014Jun 27, 2014

Kevin Freeman is ringing the warning bell that we are in an economic war and that a financial collapse could be coming. Reviewed by John Stevenson...

Ken Jensen: Review of Game Plan

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January 24, 2014Jan 24, 2014

Kevin D. Freeman, Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack. Regnery 2014 "Game Plan" is one of those books that would be...

Trevor Loudon – Must Read!!! Torsten Mann's Review of "Secret Weapon" (January 5th, 2014)

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January 05, 2014Jan 05, 2014

From Trevor Loudon's website "New Zeal" A German Review of Kevin Freeman's excellent Secret Weapon by Torsten Mann: Was the global financial crisis triggered on purpose? Read the...

Book Review – Journal of American Physicians & Surgeons (Fall 2013)

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September 06, 2013Sep 06, 2013

Most of us understand that the United States is in peril because of government overspending, our colossal national debt, and terrorism threats. What many do not know is that...

Book Review (in the) Counter Terrorist Magazine (Feb/Mar 2013)

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January 21, 2013Jan 21, 2013

In 2012, Kevin wrote articles in the April/May and  Oct/Nov  issues of  The Counter Terrorist Magazine.  Now an unknown author offers a review of Secret Weapon.   Read...

Book Review – Kathi's Writing Nook (Aug. 16, 2012)

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August 16, 2012Aug 16, 2012

I have another nonfiction book review to share with you.This book really scared me. But I also found it very thought-provoking. Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism...

Book Review – Jim Fletcher (July 31, 2012)

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July 31, 2012Jul 31, 2012

Was America's Economic Collapse Planned? In his endorsement of Kevin Freeman's eye-opening book, "Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It...

Book Review – The Washington Times (Feb. 24,2012)

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February 27, 2012Feb 27, 2012

The 2008 market crash was an (unofficial) act of war on the United States. That is the thrust ofKevin D. Freeman's carefully documented "The Secret Weapon:...

Book Review – DWD's Reviews (Feb. 12, 2012)

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February 11, 2012Feb 11, 2012

Posted on February 12, 2012 by DWD's Reviews Secret Weapon – by Kevin D. Freeman Published in 2012 by Regnery Publishing, Inc. Exposes the vulnerable state...