CPAC 2022 Edition: Immigration, Energy, and China | Guest: Texas Rep. Brian Babin | Ep 206

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September 15, 2022Sep 15, 2022

Texas Rep. Brian Babin joins Kevin Freeman for a special edition of the Economic War Room from CPAC Dallas 2022. Rep. Babin discusses the increasing threats...

The Founding Fathers Were Not Racist as Progressives Insist | Guest: Tim Barton | Ep 205

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September 08, 2022Sep 08, 2022

No nation on earth is perfect or without embarrassing moments in history. The U.S. is no different. However, this nation has done more to improve the...

Special CPAC Edition: The China Threat | Guests: Frank Gaffney, Gordon Chang, and Dave Brat | EP 204

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September 01, 2022Sep 01, 2022

Kevin Freeman goes on the road to CPAC Dallas 2022 and talks with Frank Gaffney, Gordon Chang, and Former Congressman Dave Brat about the various threats...