I’m Mad as Hell and Cannot Take It Anymore! | Guest: Frank Gaffney | Ep 187

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April 28, 2022Apr 28, 2022

Frank Gaffney joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss what can be done to get our nation back on the path of freedom...

Understanding Ukraine: The Dystopian Battle Under Way in America and the World | Ep 181

russia china economic warfare esg
March 17, 2022Mar 17, 2022

The battle appears to be more than a war half a world away, but it is closer than you think. Economic warfare and financial terrorism expert...

It’s All About Your Future - The Secret Plan to Destroy America | Ep 168

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December 09, 2021Dec 09, 2021

The Great Reset is planned for 2030. If it succeeds, life in America will never be the same. At this year’s World Economic Forum, the leaders...

Much More Than a Trade War – Webinar with Kevin Freeman

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October 20, 2020Oct 20, 2020

Understanding National Security, the Economy, and Trade Policy – Kevin Freeman details the history of economic warfare going back to the Peloponnesian War between Athens and...

Is China trying to make the Yuan the reserve currency of the world?

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney talk about a recent op-ed by Michael Flynn and a possible upcoming attack on the US dollar. More concerning is what...

Kevin Freeman explains the various risks associated with investing in Chinese companies

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney discuss how China's economy faring as a result of the coronavirus. They also talk about the various risks associated with investing...

American Investment Empowers China

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January 07, 2020Jan 07, 2020

Kevin Freeman joins Debbie Georgatos on America Can We Talk? to discuss how China is using the U.S. capital markets to fund their communist controlled companies....

The current state of the U.S.-Beijing trade deal by Kevin Freeman

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June 20, 2019Jun 20, 2019

Kevin Freeman discusses Joe Biden's changed view on Chinese threat and why Americans should be cautious of investing in Chinese companies. Kevin also discusses the current...

Strategic implications of China's economic manipulations in Venezuela by Kevin Freeman (Feb. 06, 2019)

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February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

Kevin Freeman discusses the strategic implications of China's economic manipulations in Venezuela. He also talks with Frank Gaffney the consequences of Beijing's advancing surveillance tactics.


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August 29, 2018Aug 29, 2018

In addition to traditional means such as trade embargoes, new approaches to economic warfare have been developed that incorporate the sophistication and intricacy of financial weaponry—derivatives,...