Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney (Apr. 1, 2013)

March 31, 2013Mar 31, 2013

What can the Cyprus banking crisis tell us about U.S. vulnerability in cyber and economic warfare? Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow KEVIN FREEMAN explains how...

Money, Riches & Wealth Radio with Drew Tignanelli and Tim Maurer (Feb. 6, 2013)

February 06, 2013Feb 06, 2013

This week, Kevin was interviewed by Drew Tignanelli and Tim Maurer, hosts of the popular radio show "Money, Riches & Wealth" on TalkRadio 680 WCBM in Baltimore.  This...

Southern Sense Blog Talk Radio with Ann Ubelis (Feb. 1, 2013)

February 01, 2013Feb 01, 2013

Kevin speaks with Ann Ubelis of Southern Sense Radio. Listen to the entire blog cast here (starting at 14:30).

Epoch Times, Joshua Philipp (Jan 29, 2013)

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January 28, 2013Jan 28, 2013

US-Iran Cyber Conflict Ties to Economic Warfare Cyber attacks on U.S. banks have continued since September 2012, and are growing more sophisticated. U.S. Space Command announced...

Book Review (in the) Counter Terrorist Magazine (Feb/Mar 2013)

newsroom articles book reviews
January 21, 2013Jan 21, 2013

In 2012, Kevin wrote articles in the April/May and  Oct/Nov  issues of  The Counter Terrorist Magazine.  Now an unknown author offers a review of Secret Weapon.   Read...

The Don Smith Show (Dec. 8, 2012)

December 07, 2012Dec 07, 2012

Kevin Freeman joined Don Smith on his show to discuss his book "Secret Weapon." Find out how hostile foreign entities have the means, motive, and opportunity...

Tracey and Friends with Tracey Winbush (Oct. 31, 2012)

October 30, 2012Oct 30, 2012

Kevin had the honor of joining Tracey Winbush in the battleground state of Ohio on her talk show "Afternoons with Tracey and Friends".   He was...

Jewish Voice Today Nov/Dec 2012

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October 29, 2012Oct 29, 2012

Was the 2008 Collapse the Result of a Financial Jihad? To many strict Muslims, Western free market capitalism is contrary to the divine plan of Allah...

Kevin Speaks at local Wingmen Meeting (Oct. 26, 2012)

October 26, 2012Oct 26, 2012

Wingmen is a local non-denominational group of men who's mission is to bring men closer together with Christ.    They meet twice a month in Downtown...

Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney (Oct. 22, 2012)

October 22, 2012Oct 22, 2012

Benghazi Looms Over Debate Kevin Freeman joins a panel of experts to discuss "Benghazigate" (the apparent attempt to deny us information about what happened on Sept....