The War for 5G: An Early Challenge in 2019

By Kevin Freeman
December 31, 2018Dec 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

2019 will bring new economic warfare challenges. One of these, no doubt, will be the global war to set the 5G standard. Here are a few key things to know:

  1. 5G will be the new wireless standard, offering data speeds up to 100x faster than 4G/LTE (the current standard). It is coming in 2019.
  2. There is a race to be the one who sets the standard because whoever does will be the dominant economic provider for a decade or more.
  3. 5G will enable the "Internet of Things," wherein nearly everything will be connected to the Internet. It will offer wonderful advancements for science, technology, and individuals. It will also bring new vulnerabilities and security/privacy risks.
  4. China has been pushing their version of 5G through their digital "Belt and Road" strategy and aggressive pricing/promotion of their companies Huawei and ZTE.
  5. The Trump Administration is pushing back on Huawei/ZTE and Chinese pressures.
  6. The upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (26 February to 1 March) is battleground zero for the conflict.
  7. The dominant standard is more than a battle between "VHS" and "Beta" (for those who recall the videotape wars between Sony and Panasonic. It will determine economic dominance.
  8. While the American market is the most important, America cannot stand alone against the rest of the world.
  9. There will be enormous investment opportunities and implications around 5G.
  10. If properly implemented, a 5G open access wireless approach could lower cell phone data bills by 80% or more and add as much as 0.75% to our annual Gross Domestic Product growth.

This is a big global economic warfare issue and we wanted to highlight it as we close 2018. The Economic War Room did a full show on it. You can view a clip here:

EXPOSED: The Trojan Horse China Is Using to Dominate 5G Wireless

Here is another clip:

Why Are U.S. Cellphone Prices 5 Times Higher Than Germany & France?

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