YoPro Wealth Podcast with Austin Netzley (Nov. 13, 2014)

By Kevin Freeman
November 17, 2014Nov 17, 2014

YoPro Wealth is money advice for young professionals.   In this 91st episode Kevin discusses the Risks and Rewards of Investing with host Austin Netzley.   Topics covered:

  • Should you invest in stocks and why.
  • How to diversify properly.
  • The biggest risks we face.
  • Whether or not gold should be used in your portfolio.
  • Some ways that the last stock market crash happened.
  • How mutual funds work, and what you should do with them.
  • The way Kevin learned to invest.
  • Whether you should invest globally or not.
  • Economic Warfare.
  • The power of a cyber-economic attack.

Listen to the full episode here.