The Transformation of HUD Is a Model Congress Should Learn From | Guests: Dr. Ben Carson & John Gibbs | Ep 198

liberty values security dr.bencarson
July 21, 2022Jul 21, 2022

As the 17th United States secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson transformed the agency and made it more productive than ever. One of...

Passing On the Torch of Liberty | Guest: Ryan Helfenbein | Ep 180

liberty lsv liberty_university
March 10, 2022Mar 10, 2022

President Reagan warned that if we don’t fight for liberty, it would be only one generation from extinction. But what if the next generation doesn’t want...

Standing for Truth: The Conservative Partnership Institute | Guest: Jim DeMint | Ep 173

liberty weaponize_money values
January 20, 2022Jan 20, 2022

Are you fighting the good fight? Former Senator Jim DeMint is in the Economic War Room to share about a new movement to equip conservatives for...

What G Really Means in ESG Investing: Another ESG Gimmick | Guest: Ken Blackwell | Ep 167

esg investing governance gender_agenda liberty
December 02, 2021Dec 02, 2021

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state and mayor of Cincinnati, joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the hypocrisy of ESG and...

What the ‘S’ Really Means in ESG Investing – Social Justice/CRT | Guest: Lathan Watts | Ep 166

investing liberty esg social_justice
November 23, 2021Nov 23, 2021

ESG Investments, do you know what’s in your investment portfolio and what you may be supporting? At the core of ESG investing is the belief that elites,...

America's Spiritual and Cultural Darkness: What's Next? | Guest: Dr. Everett Piper | Ep 149

liberty education culture
July 29, 2021Jul 29, 2021

Dr. Everett Piper joins the Economic War Room to share with us how we are ignoring American history as well as world history. Those who do...

The Fight for Freedom Is On! ESG and the Abandonment of the Constitution | Guest: Ken Abramowitz | Ep 148

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July 21, 2021Jul 21, 2021

Kenneth Abramowitz is a managing general partner and co-founder of NGN Capital, a $450 million worldwide health care venture capital fund. He has repeatedly ranked as...

Is the Declaration of Independence racist toward Native Americans?

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July 04, 2021Jul 04, 2021

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney discuss if the Declaration of Independence racist toward Native Americans? Kevin also talks about the prospects of a global minimum tax...

Consequences if China diminishes the autonomy of Hong Kong

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November 24, 2019Nov 24, 2019

Kevin Freeman discusses bi-partisan legislation supporting Hong Kong protesters passes both House and Senate and the consequences if China diminishes the autonomy of Hong Kong. He...