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There Is a New Kind of War in America

In the past, wars were primarily focused on military targets. Today, the target is you. Your money, your life, and your livelihood are under attack! Economic War Room was created to be your active war room.

Concerned about Overvalued Markets?

How current cyber attacks, trade wars, geo-political threats, currency manipulations, and the national debt can influence your investments?

Better understand economic and cultural threats that impact America and your family.

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What People Are Saying About Kevin Freeman

“Kevin Freeman understands the threat of financial terrorism as well as anyone. You’d have to be negligent to ignore his timely advice about protecting your family from the economic attacks that are clearly on the horizon.”

Retired President and CEO, American Bankers Association, former governor of Oklahoma

“Along with the Internet our markets, banks, and other financial systems are vital institutions that are far more vulnerable to complete disruption than we would hope, especially to carefully-planned intervenors with the opportunity, motive, and means to, say, bring down the dollar. Freeman explains persuasively and clearly why we may be beginning the third act of a monetary and fiscal tragedy. You don’t care about dark pools, huge Middle-Eastern sovereign wealth funds, naked short selling, and bear runs? I’m afraid you will, and rather soon.”

Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former Director of Central Intelligence

What's on Economic War Room?

Economic War Room is your go-to channel for information and strategies to protect your family, community, and nation from growing cyber and economic threats.

Your National Security Briefings

With nearly $500 trillion in global debt, can the the U.S. economy survive or will street riots break out? 

Threat Assessments

Millions of Americans are taking generic drugs made in China by Chinese companies and don’t know it, and neither do their doctors who prescribe them.

Investment Trends

The Shale Revolution is making America energy independent.

Weekly Financial Updates

Discover the many benefits of America's Energy Renaissance! Affordable fuel is just one component.

Become an Economic Patriot

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