There Is a New Kind of War in America

In the past, wars were primarily focused on military targets. Today, the target is you. Your money, your life, and your livelihood are under attack! Economic War Room was created to be your active war room.

"One day you will log on to your bank and your account will be empty. Or, the bank will have no record of you whatsoever. Or your pension will disappear. Or the stock market will crash without explanation. Will you panic? You should know that plots of this kind are underway every day."

Enter Your War Room

What People Are Saying About Kevin Freeman

“Kevin Freeman understands the threat of financial terrorism as well as anyone. You’d have to be negligent to ignore his timely advice about protecting your family from the economic attacks that are clearly on the horizon.”

Retired President and CEO, American Bankers Association, former governor of Oklahoma

“Along with the Internet our markets, banks, and other financial systems are vital institutions that are far more vulnerable to complete disruption than we would hope, especially to carefully-planned intervenors with the opportunity, motive, and means to, say, bring down the dollar. Freeman explains persuasively and clearly why we may be beginning the third act of a monetary and fiscal tragedy. You don’t care about dark pools, huge Middle-Eastern sovereign wealth funds, naked short selling, and bear runs? I’m afraid you will, and rather soon.”

—R James Woolsey
Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former Director of Central Intelligence

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