America's Dunkirk moment and what can be done to save our nation – By Kevin Freeman (Nov. 21, 2018)

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November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses the profound miracle of Dunkirk in WWII and how America is facing her own Dunkirk moment. Kevin also looks at how Americans can...

Why socialism always fails by Kevin Freeman (Aug. 8, 2018)

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August 08, 2018Aug 08, 2018

Kevin Freeman discusses lessons learned from Iran and Venezuela and why socialism always fails. He also talks about the implications of the Trump sanctions on Iran....

Threats to the U.S. Dollar's status as the reserve currency of the world by Kevin Freeman (09/20/17)

newsroom russia venezuela reserve currency
September 24, 2017Sep 24, 2017

KEVIN FREEMAN, Author of Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack (2013), Founder of, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Host...