Utah Study Bill

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The Utah Legislature passed H.B. 348 Precious Metals Amendments during the 2024 General Session authorizing the state treasurer to invest up to 10% of the State’s rainy day funds in precious metals. It also requires the state treasurer to: 

a) Conduct a study analyzing the role of precious metals in augmenting, stabilizing, and ensuring the economic security and prosperity of the state, the families and residents of the state, and businesses in the state; and 

b) Submit to the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee on or before the committee's 2024 October interim committee meeting any recommendations for legislation resulting from the outcome of the study. 

To meet the second requirement of the legislation, Treasurer Oaks’ has formed a workgroup to assist with the study. The workgroup will meet five times. The hybrid meetings will be held on May 29, June 26, August 28, September 25, and October 9 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Capitol Board Room (on the second floor of the Utah State Capitol Building) and live streamed on YouTube. Recordings will be available after the meeting.