China Is Exploiting Weakness in the Patent System and Winning the Innovation Race | Guest: Gen. Robert Spalding | Ep 217

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December 01, 2022Dec 01, 2022

For over a century, America has been the world’s inventor, a country whose ideas and innovations transformed mankind. But today, our nation faces challenges at home...

Are Trump Supporters Now on Biden's New Trail of Tears? | Ep 209

china biden deep_state nativeamericans
October 06, 2022Oct 06, 2022

The first Democrat president, Andrew Jackson, displaced hundreds of thousands of native Americans with his Indian Removal Act. The native Americans called it the “Trail of...

CPAC 2022 Edition: Immigration, Energy, and China | Guest: Texas Rep. Brian Babin | Ep 206

china immigration lsv cpac
September 15, 2022Sep 15, 2022

Texas Rep. Brian Babin joins Kevin Freeman for a special edition of the Economic War Room from CPAC Dallas 2022. Rep. Babin discusses the increasing threats...

Special CPAC Edition: The China Threat | Guests: Frank Gaffney, Gordon Chang, and Dave Brat | EP 204

china ccp socialism economicwar cpac
September 01, 2022Sep 01, 2022

Kevin Freeman goes on the road to CPAC Dallas 2022 and talks with Frank Gaffney, Gordon Chang, and Former Congressman Dave Brat about the various threats...

Biological Weapons and the COVID Attack We Helped Fund | Guest: Frank Gaffney | Ep 196

china socialism ccp economicwar
July 07, 2022Jul 07, 2022

Too many Americans are unaware of China’s program of warfare against us using economic techniques, political instruments, information operations, and technology theft. Frank Gaffney exposes even...

Food Shortages & How Everything Seems to Be Failing Simultaneously! | Guest: Ross Kennedy | Ep 191

food supply china esg weaponize_your_money blackrock
June 02, 2022Jun 02, 2022

Ross Kennedy joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the pending food crisis ahead. Ross is a global supply chain expert and has...

The Chinese Communist Party Pulled the 'Trading Places' Switch, and the US Is Losing | Ep 190

russia china economic war weaponioze_money
May 26, 2022May 26, 2022

Kevin Freeman explains how the Chinese Communist Party has pulled the “Trading Places” switch on America. For most of the past two decades, we were told...

I’m Mad as Hell and Cannot Take It Anymore! | Guest: Frank Gaffney | Ep 187

russia china economic warfare esg nsic
April 28, 2022Apr 28, 2022

Frank Gaffney joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss what can be done to get our nation back on the path of freedom...

The Enemies Within America: Their Final Push Against the US? | Guest: Trevor Loudon | Ep 182

russia china economic war weaponioze_money
March 24, 2022Mar 24, 2022

Trevor Loudon is back in the Economic War Room to share unique insights on how even a small group of communists can manipulate and control policy...

Understanding Ukraine: The Dystopian Battle Under Way in America and the World | Ep 181

russia china economic warfare esg
March 17, 2022Mar 17, 2022

The battle appears to be more than a war half a world away, but it is closer than you think. Economic warfare and financial terrorism expert...