Space: The Existential Threat Democrats in Congress Are Ignoring | Guest: Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast | Ep 160

russia china space-force kwast
October 14, 2021Oct 14, 2021

Recently, multiple Democrats in Congress have called for abolishing the Space Force. They stated that space should be a shared global initiative designed only for peace....

Alert: The CCP’s Real Economic War! | Guests: Gordon Chang and Frank Gaffney | Ep 159

china socialism esg
October 13, 2021Oct 13, 2021

As it relates to US national security, our health and even our economy, China seems to play into the equation. With recent reports of Joints Chief...

DC Lawlessness and the Need for Parallel Institutions | Guest: Michele Bachmann | Ep. 157

china elections investing deepstate
September 23, 2021Sep 23, 2021

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joins Kevin Freeman to discuss the lawlessness we are seeing in Washington, D.C. What started during the Obama-Biden administration with complete disregard...

Forces both within and outside of the US are working to undermine the US dollar

newsroom china dollar covid-19
February 06, 2021Feb 06, 2021

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney talk about the new COVID stimulus bill making its way through Congress may further exacerbate the US's ever-growing deficit. They also...

Trump Achieved 1% Inflation, but Under Biden it Could be 6%

newsroom china biden
January 24, 2021Jan 24, 2021

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney talk about how the US is about to go from a deficit of $20 trillion to $30 trillion in the blink...

The Big Lie

newsroom china election fraud
December 23, 2020Dec 23, 2020

Kevin Freeman explains the true magnitude of "the Big lie" and why asks why are voting machines being concealed and major new networks getting threatened with...

Is Our Constitutional Republic at a Tipping Point?

newsroom china 2020 elections election fraud
December 16, 2020Dec 16, 2020

Kevin Freeman talks with Ann Vandersteel about what is doing to provide reliable information and a platform for people to engage with the most important...

Fraud at an Industrial Scale and the KKK Act

newsroom china election fraud biden
December 09, 2020Dec 09, 2020

Kevin Freeman delves into Economic War Room's Election Fraud Truth Summit and also talks about Col. Phil Waldron's insights into fraud on an "industrial scale". Kevin...

The Color Revolution

newsroom china election 2020 ant group
November 09, 2020Nov 09, 2020

Frank Gaffney and Kevin Freeman talk about the ongoing Color Revolution and to completely change our society into a socialist country. They also talk about the...

Joe Biden's relationship with the Chinese Communist Party

newsroom china ant group
November 03, 2020Nov 03, 2020

Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney discuss Joe Biden's relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and the upcoming initial public offering of Ant Group.