Schoolhouse Rocked | Guest: Yvette Hampton

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November 20, 2021Nov 20, 2021

Our public education system is failing many students. It is most often not the fault of the teachers, but rather the system and curriculum they are...

The Marxist Deception About Our Founding Fathers and America | Guests: David and Tim Barton | Ep 152

socialism constitution education
August 19, 2021Aug 19, 2021

America is facing a cultural and economic battle for the soul of our nation, and it is time we all understand the real truth and intent...

America's Spiritual and Cultural Darkness: What's Next? | Guest: Dr. Everett Piper | Ep 149

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July 29, 2021Jul 29, 2021

Dr. Everett Piper joins the Economic War Room to share with us how we are ignoring American history as well as world history. Those who do...