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China Is Exploiting Weakness in the Patent System and Winning the Innovation Race | Guest: Gen. Robert Spalding | Ep 217

china lsv patent_protection
December 01, 2022Dec 01, 2022

For over a century, America has been the world’s inventor, a country whose ideas and innovations transformed mankind. But today, our nation faces challenges at home and abroad that threaten our economic and military security and the very idea of...

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The Economic War We MUST Win — the Future of America Depends on It | Ep 216

economic war investing lsv weaponize_money
November 24, 2022Nov 24, 2022

We are in three economic wars. The first is the foreign economic war against China and the axis of evil....

Holding State Governors and Legislators Accountable When They Don't Act in the Public's Financial Interests | Guest: Derek Kreifels | Ep 215

investing lsv accountability
November 17, 2022Nov 17, 2022

Driving fiscally sound public policy by partnering with key stakeholders and educating Americans on the role of responsible financial management...

Exposing the Threats of Big Tech | Guest: Dr. Robert Epstein | Ep 214

lsv big-tech wokeism
November 10, 2022Nov 10, 2022

The internet is dominated by essentially two monopolies and the ability to control 3.5 billion people. Dr. Robert Epstein joins...

Man with No Arms or Legs Gets De-banked. Are You Next? | Guest: Nick Vujicic | Ep 213

lsv debanking finance
November 03, 2022Nov 03, 2022

Nick Vujicic is an Australian-American born without arms or legs who’s become a world-renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author,...

The Speech That Changed Everything | Guest: Mark Robinson | Ep 212

October 27, 2022Oct 27, 2022

Mark Robinson went from receiving welfare to being lieutenant governor of North Carolina. In fact, Mark Robinson is the first...

Is the Economy Good, Like Biden Says, or Is It as Bad as It Seems? | Guest: John Maudlin | Ep 211

nsic investing esg lsv
October 20, 2022Oct 20, 2022

The economy is probably worse than it feels right now, because we’ve had what John Mauldin calls a “weird recession.”...

An Alternative to Woke ESG Investing | Guest: Hal Lambert | Ep 210

esg lsv wokeinvesting wallstreet maga
October 13, 2022Oct 13, 2022

The ESG push from woke Wall Street is being orchestrated by groups who do not have America’s best interests in...

Are Trump Supporters Now on Biden's New Trail of Tears? | Ep 209

china biden deep_state nativeamericans
October 06, 2022Oct 06, 2022

The first Democrat president, Andrew Jackson, displaced hundreds of thousands of native Americans with his Indian Removal Act. The native...

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