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The Banking Crisis and a Texas Solution | Ep 234

For the first time in 15 years, headlines scream of BANK FAILURES. First, it was Silicon Valley Bank, then it was Signature Bank — and other banks have been merged. We are told, “Don’t worry. Everything is fine.” But it...

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Game-Changing Investment Tool That Exposes Woke Companies | Guest: Paul Fitzpatrick | EP 233

lsv stockmarket wallstreet wokeness
March 23, 2023Mar 23, 2023

Woke corporations are a danger to your economic and personal freedom. The Left has weaponized large public companies and even...

Restoring National Vitality in an Age of Decay | Guest: Christopher Buskirk | Ep 232

america lsv christopher_buskirk
March 16, 2023Mar 16, 2023

Nations that aren’t advancing are declining, and the measure of advancement for America doesn’t look very good. Whether you look...

The WOKE Regime Is Waging an All-Out Attack on Your Values | Guest: Tom Klingenstein | Ep 231

culture lsv wokeism values_investing
March 09, 2023Mar 09, 2023

The American way of life and the woke way of life are 100% incompatible. They’re utterly irreconcilable. In our understanding...

SITREP: The Enemies of Liberty | Guest: Allen West | Ep 230

china lsv domestic_threats foreign_threats
March 02, 2023Mar 02, 2023

When you take that oath to the Constitution to support and defend it, that means against all enemies, foreign and...

Monster Garage in Space | Guest: Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast | Ep 229

china space lsv manufacturing
February 23, 2023Feb 23, 2023

Sixty years ago, President Kennedy uttered these famous words, “We choose to go to the moon.” As if it were...

URGENT: Is Biden About to Give Away Our Sovereignty to the WHO? | Guest: Michele Bachmann

biden freedom who
February 22, 2023Feb 22, 2023

In the Economic War Room, we’re always looking at challenges to our nation, to our sovereignty, and to our economy....

Former CIA Operative Explains Key Threats America Is Facing | Guest: Sam Faddis | Ep 228

china ccp socialism economicwar deepstate cia
February 16, 2023Feb 16, 2023

Former CIA operative Sam Faddis joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to talk about the internal and external...

The Intelligence Community Has Been Taken Over By Progressives | Guest: J. Michael Waller | Ep 227

china socialism free speech ccp economicwar
February 09, 2023Feb 09, 2023

The Intelligence Community has been taken over by progressives who seek to silence opposition. The recent revelations about the FBI...

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