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Entertainment Unfiltered by Hollywood or Church Ladies | Guest: Marcus Pittman | Ep 195

lsv entertainment cancel_culture hollywood
June 30, 2022Jun 30, 2022

All the movies and TV shows you see in all of the United States and the world pretty much come from about six entities in the United States. Hollywood does not give you a vote on the content it serves...

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Food Scarcity Next: What It Means for the World and You | Guest: Lt. Col. Tommy Waller | Ep 194

investing lsv food_shortage
June 23, 2022Jun 23, 2022

Henry Kissinger reportedly said, “You control the food, you control the people, you control the energy, you control nations, you...

National Sovereignty Matters, What the Globalists Ignore | Guests: Ken Abramowitz & Rod Martin | EP 193

lsv 193 national_sovereignty globalism
June 16, 2022Jun 16, 2022

All-star analyst Ken Abramowitz and futurist Rod Martin join Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss globalism and...

The Digital Texan: Real Economic Justice from the Lone Star State! | Guest: Rod Martin | Ep. 192

ditigal_texan lsv weaponize_your_money inflation gold
June 09, 2022Jun 09, 2022

Tired of inflation devaluing your money? Rod Martin, one of the PayPal founding team members, explains how a new proposed...

Food Shortages & How Everything Seems to Be Failing Simultaneously! | Guest: Ross Kennedy | Ep 191

food supply china esg weaponize_your_money blackrock
June 02, 2022Jun 02, 2022

Ross Kennedy joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the pending food crisis ahead. Ross is a...

The Chinese Communist Party Pulled the 'Trading Places' Switch, and the US Is Losing | Ep 190

russia china economic war weaponioze_money
May 26, 2022May 26, 2022

Kevin Freeman explains how the Chinese Communist Party has pulled the “Trading Places” switch on America. For most of the...

The State of the American Church & American Greatness Under Threat | Guest: Jim Garlow | Ep 189

wokecapital investing stockmarket weaponizingmoney politicalcorrectness cancelculture jimgarlow futureconference
May 19, 2022May 19, 2022

Dr. Jim Garlow, author, pastor, and CEO of Well-Versed, joins Kevin Freeman to share new insights on the declining role...

It’s a Different Investment World. Is Your Financial Adviser Ready? | Guest: Randy Long | Ep 188

nsic lsv weaponize_your_money
May 12, 2022May 12, 2022

Randy Long, an NSIC adviser, shares the changes he is seeing in the investment community and why the NSIC experience...

America’s Wake-Up Call: 6 Things to Do Now! | Guest: Dr. Ben Carson | Ep150 Replay

lsv weaponize_your_money ben_carson
May 05, 2022May 05, 2022

This episode was originally released in August 2021, We felt it to be relevant and timely based on all that...

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