The Digital Texan: Real Economic Justice from the Lone Star State! | Guest: Rod Martin | Ep. 192

ditigal_texan lsv weaponize_your_money inflation gold
June 09, 2022Jun 09, 2022

Tired of inflation devaluing your money? Rod Martin, one of the PayPal founding team members, explains how a new proposed gold-backed, state-backed Digital Texan currency could...

An Investor’s View of What’s Ahead and Why You Need an Advisor | Guest: John Mauldin | Ep 172

investing inflation advisor forecast
January 13, 2022Jan 13, 2022

It’s going to be a challenging economic environment over the next 10 years. John Mauldin, one of the most widely read analysts of our time, is...

Rewind 2021, Exposed: Eight Political Lies Exposed – Are You Ready for What’s Next? | Ep 170

inflation domestic_politics investments
December 30, 2021Dec 30, 2021

Kevin Freeman reflects back on the politics of 2021 and the lies of the political left that were exposed. Also, we review the Economic War Room...