Ep 285

Kevin Freeman highlights the gravity of America's ballooning national debt, which nears a staggering $35 trillion. With an urgency that cannot be understated, Freeman draws attention to the fiscal quicksand the country is wading into — an almost incomprehensible financial burden that has accrued rapidly over the past few decades. He underscores how this debt is not just numbers on a page — it's a growing monstrosity threatening to engulf the nation's economic stability. It doesn't stop at identifying the problem; Kevin points to a solution rooted in the nation's founding documents. The U.S. Constitution allows states to adopt gold and silver as legal tender, offering a viable alternative to the volatile fiat currency. With his book, "Pirate Money," Freeman outlines a path forward that would see gold and silver become not just valuable commodities, but practical, everyday currency, shielding citizens from the consequences of a potential monetary collapse.


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